In Estonia, all restrictions have been lifted and wearing a face mask is no longer mandatory.

We still recommend getting COVID-19 insurance to include travel arrangements and health issues. 

The Government of the Republic in co-operation with the Scientific Advisory Board does a weekly assessment of the virus risk in Estonia, updates the list of countries with a high infection rate and changes the procedure of entry into Estonia as is necessary. You can stay up to date with the changes regarding travelling to and conduct in Estonia here.

If you need to take the PCR test before returning to your home country, the medicine lab SYNLAB is happy to help you. It is possible to book the testing time in Tallinn 1-2 days in advance so that you will have the test result within 24 hours of testing. More information will be provided before the event.

Please note that the organisers have great experience with holding events that are safe for participants during the pandemic. At the event, any necessary safety measures will be taken.