Opening ceremony


Scientific Programme, keynote sessions

Main topics

Mental health in children and adolescents

20:00 Welcome Reception


Scientific Programme, keynote sessions


Ukrainian - Baltic Child Health Solidarity Symposium

Main topics

Infectious Diseases

Allergy, pulmonology, cardiology, rheumatology


20:00 Dinner


Scientific Programme

Main topics

Endocrinology, gastroenterology, nephrology, oncology,


general paediatrics

13:30 Closing Ceremony


Thursday, June 2, 2022


Welcome Speech, Tanel Kiik, Minister of Health, Ministry of Social Affairs, Estonia

Opening Speech, Ülle Einberg, President of the Congress, Estonia

A long journey of the Estonian Paediatric Society to the international paediatric life, Anne Ormisson, Honorary member of the Estonian Paediatric Society, Estonia


Plenary session 1 : Mental health in children and adolescents

Co-Chairmen: Dr Piret Visnapuu-Bernadt, Estonia; Dr Tiia Voor, Estonia


Keynote lecture: What is happening to the child mental health burden today? Can we begin to think about how to cope with the increasing burden to society?

Dr Brian Jacobs, the UK


Mental health and developmental disorders of infancy and early childhood

Dr Piret Visnapuu-Bernadt, Estonia


Psychological counseling and psychotherapy for children and their families

Katrin Pruulmann, Estonia

15:30-16:00   Coffee Break


Plenary session 1 continued

Co-Chairmen: Dr Reet Raukas, Estonia; Dr Anne Kleinberg, Estonia


Depression and self-harming behavior among children and young people: main trends and how everybody can help young people to recover from depression

Reigo Reppo, Estonia


Depression and self-harming behavior among children and young people. How can we understand this and what is important to consider when helping?

Marta Valdmann, Estonia


Suicide Risk Screening in Tallinn Children’s Hospital

Ülle Uustalu, Ere Vasli, Anne Kleinberg, Estonia


Meeting of the Estonian Paediatric Association  //  Walking Tour (for an extra fee)


Welcome Reception at the Viru Conference Centre

Friday, June 3, 2022


Plenary session 2: Infectious Diseases

Co-chairmen: Prof Irja Lutsar, Estonia; Sigita Burokienė, Lithuania


Keynote lecture: COVID-19 in children

Prof Irja Lutsar, Estonia


Keynote lecture: Legal aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic

Ülle Madise, Chancellor of Justice of the Republic of Estonia 

10:00-11:00  Oral presentations


What do adolescents COVID-19 vaccination depend on in Lithuania?

Sigita Burokienė, Emilija Struckute, Roberta Kiaulakyte, Lithuania


Clinical and laboratory characteristics of children hospitalised due to COVID-19 – report from the Estonian paediatric COVID-19 registry

Piia Jõgi, Eda Tamm, Ülle Uustalu, Elis Maria Avvo, Ilona Lind, Liisa Saare, Hiie Soeorg, Irja Lutsar, Estonia


Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C) during SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in Estonia

Silvi Plado, Mari Laan, Piia Jõgi, Elina Ild, Kristel Soonets, Liisa Saare, Eda Tamm, Estonia


The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Prevalence of Diabetic Ketoacidosis at Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes

Aleksandr Peet, Mari Lukka, Ülle Einberg, Riina Shor, Natalia Liivak, Kaire Heilman, Vallo Tillmann, Estonia


Coffee Break 

Parallel session: COVID-19 and Paediatric Vaccination – the Role of mRNA Science 

DR. PAOLO BONANNI (video lecture)

Professor of Hygiene in the Faculty of Medicine and the Director of the Specialization School for MDs in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine at the University of Florence, Italy.


Plenary session 3: Allergy, cardiology, rheumatology

Co-chairmen: Dr Chris Pruunsild, Estonia; Dr Kaja Julge, Estonia


Keynote lecture: Allergy Prevention and Finnish Allergy Programme

Prof Mika Mäkelä, Finland


Keynote lecture: Macrophage Activation Syndrome and Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome

Prof Angelo Ravelli, Italy

12:30-13:30  Oral presentations


Arterial structure in 18-year-old males dependent on physical activity at 12-years and cumulative cardiorespiratory fitness from puberty to late adolescence

Juta Kraav, Reeli Tamme, Liina Remmel, Evelin Mäestu, Maksim Zagura, Jaak Jürimäe, Vallo Tillmann, Estonia


Paediatric anaphylaxis cases in Tartu University Hospital between 2015 – 2021, a follow up data.

Anneli Viidebaum, Tiia Voor, Kaja Julge, Mari Kivivare, Maire Vasar, Estonia


Atopic sensitization and the type of green area around the home in infancy

Tiia Voor, Meelis Pärtel, Aleksandr Peet, Liisa Saare, Martin Zobel, Vallo Tillmann, Estonia


Can SERPINA1 gene single nucleotide polymorphisms serve as a predictor of school-age asthma in a cohort of wheezing children?

Edita Poluzioroviene, Egle Vaitkaitiene, Sigita Petraitiene, Vilma Lukosiene, Algirdas Valiulis, Odilija Rudzeviciene, Ramunas Leisys, Arunas Valiulis, Lithuania

13:30-14:30 Lunch Break  //  14:00-14:30 Poster Session I

14:30-16:30  Parallel Sessions

Plenary session 4: Neonatology

Co-chairmen: Dr Liis Toome, Estonia; dr Heili Varendi, Estonia


Keynote lecture: Optimal NICU design and environment

Prof Liisa Lehtonen, Finland

15:00-16:15 Oral Presentations 


Discharge readiness of mothers in neonatal intensive care units in Estonia: association with maternal mental health

Ryo Itoshima, Sari Ahlqvist-Björkroth, Liis Toome, Heili Varendi, Pille Saik, Estonia and Finland


Parents’ vocal contact in the neonatal unit and preterm infant’s later social development – differences between Finnish and Estonian families

Anette Aija, Jukka Leppänen, Laura Aarnos, Mirka Hyvönen,  Liis Toome, Liisa Lehtonen, Estonia and Finland


Chronic nonbacterial osteomyelitis in Tallinn children`s hospital and Tartu University Hospital children`s clinic during 2011-2021

Liis Tõnisberg, Jaanika Ilisson, Elina Ild, Mari Laan, Estonia


Overview of pediatric home enteral nutrition during 2019-2022 in Estonia

Külli Mitt, Kairi Sokk, Maarja Lember, Marina Tammik, Birgit Kaasik, Oivi Uibo, Estonia


SARS-COV-2 positive women deliveries and the neonatal outcome in Tartu University Hospital in 2021

Imbi Eelmäe MD, Heili Varendi MD PhD, Kristiina Rull MD PhD, Estonia


National registry of preterm newborns in Estonia: Introduction and first results from 2020-2021
Heili Varendi, Liis Toome, Pille Andresson, Pille Saik, Kärt Allvee, Estonia

Ukrainian - Baltic Child Health Solidarity Symposium

Co-Chairmen: Ass. Prof. Chris Pruunsild, Estonia; Prof. Arunas Valiulis, Lithuania 

14:30-14:35  Introduction, greeting my Leonid Tretijak, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Estonia

14:35-14:50  Multiple impacts of war on child health care in Ukraine

Prof. Svitlana Doan, International European University, Kyiv, Ukraine  

14:50-15:10 online

War and Child from infectologist's perspective: new risks of vaccine controlled diseases

Assoc. Prof. Fedir Lapii, Shupyk National Healthcare University, Head of NITAG of Ukrainian Ministry of Health, Ukraine 


War and Child from hematologist’s perspective: bleeding in clinical practice, Golinger’s pyramid

Prof. Leonid Dubey, Lviv National Medical University by Danylo Galytsky, President of Ukrainian Academy of Paediatrics (UAP/SMS), Ukraine 

War and Child from ENT specialist’s perspective: consequences of acoustic and barotrauma

Prof. Yurii Gavrylenko, Shupyk National Medical Healthcare University, Ukraine 

15:30-15:50 online

War and Child from ENT specialist’s perspective: consequences of acoustic and barotrauma

Prof. Yurii Gavrylenko, Shupyk National Medical Healthcare University, Ukraine 


War and Child іn Ukraine from PICU specialist’s perspective: clinical cases

Dr. Iona Dilanian, Odesa National Medical University, Odesa, Ukraine

16:10-16:30 online

Organization of transborder medical care and networking of pediatrician

Prof. Marina Mamenko, Shupyk National Healthcare University, President of the Ukrainian Academy of Paediatric Specialties (UAPS), Kyiv, Ukraines

16:30-17:00  Coffee break  //  16:30-17:00 Poster Session 2


Educational Symposium of European Academy of Paediatrics (EAP/UEMS-SP)

Co-Chairmen: Prof. Ann De Guchtenaere, Belgium; Prof. Arunas Valiulis, Lithuania


Prof. Ann De Guchtenaere, Secretary General of EAP/UEMS-SP, Ghent University, Belgium. European Academy of Paediatrics


Interactive Workshop: How to effectively give feedback to colleagues?

Dr. Karoly Illy, Executive Committee Member of EAP/UEMS-SP, President of Dutch Paediatric Society, Utrecht, the Netherlands


Indoor air pollution and bronchial asthma: what is new?

Prof. Arunas Valiulis, Executive Committee Member of EAP/UEMS-SP, Vilnius University, Lithuania


The obesity epidemic in European children

Prof. Artur Mazur, Chairman of Strategic Advisory Group of Adolescent Health of EAP/UEMS-SP, Rzeszow University, Poland


Overuse of medical care – how does it looks in Norway, Switzerland, Lithuania, and Ukraine?"

Prof. Ketil Stordal, Chairman of Strategic Advisory Group of Choosing Wisely of EAP/UEMS-SP, Oslo University, Norway


20:00-00:00  Dinner at Cruise Terminal (for an additional fee)

Saturday, June 4, 2022


Plenary session 5: Endocrinology, gastroenterology, nephrology

Co-Chairmen: Prof Vaidotas Urbonas, Lithuania; Dr Aleksandr Peet, Estonia

Keynote lecture: Fecal transplantation beyond gastrointestinal diseases

Prof Vaidotas Urbonas, Lithuania

9:30-11:00  Oral presentations


Acute kidney injury in dehydrated paediatric patients

Justina Jankauskaite, Inga Ivaskeviciene, Augustina Jankauskiene, Lithuania


Decreased need for correction boluses with universal utilisation of dual-wave boluses in children with type one diabetes

Mari Lukka, Vallo Tillmann, Aleksandr Peet, Estonia


Prenatal manifestation of autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease and outcome at three years of age

Auguste Konstancija Suminaite, Dovile Ruzgiene, Arnas Slepakovas, Augustina Jankauskiene, Lithuania


Pubertal increment in insulin resistance is negatively associated with lumbar bone mineral density in 18-year-old males independently of body composition

Eva Mengel, Eva Mengel, Reeli Tamme, Liina Remmel, Priit Purge, Evelin Mäestu, Jaak Jürimäe, Vallo Tillmann, Estonia


Effect of supervised sprint interval training on cardiorespiratory fitness and body composition in adolescent boys with obesity

Marit Salus, Vallo Tillmann, Liina Remmel, Eve Unt, Evelin Mäestu, Ülle Parm, Agnes Mägi, Maie Tali, Jaak Jürimäe, Estonia


Has the rise of celiac disease incidence in children stopped in Estonia?

Kärt Simre, Marie Kaivo, Mari-Liis Kumm, Heti Pisarev, Oivi Uibo, Estonia

11:00-11:30  Coffee Break


Plenary session 6: Oncology, genetics, general paediatrics

Co-Chairmen: Prof Katrin Õunap, Estonia; Dr Kadri Saks, Estonia


Implementation of the infertility risk triage and perception of the quality of fertility counseling in childhood cancer patients

Egle Stukaite-Ruibiene, M.E.M. van der Perk, Zana Bumbuliene, Goda Elizabeta Vaitkeviciene, M.M. van den Heuvel-Eibrink, Jelena Rascon, Lithuania


Genetic counselling of patients with mental retardation/disability and autism spectrum disorders

Riina Zordania, Kati Kuuse, Ülle Murumets, Edgar Tarelkin, Laura Roht, Estonia


Paediatric immune thrombocytopenia: an overview of the newly diagnosed patient population in Tallinn Children's Hospital from 2012 to 2021

Triin Pohlak, Marge Lenk, Triin Pohlak, Kristi Lepik, Kadri Saks, Estonia


Immunoglobulin a vasculitis in Tartu University Hospital children’s clinic and Tallinn Children's Hospital during 2011-2021

Jaanika Ilisson, Sirje Tarraste, Chris Pruunsild, Estonia


Foreign bodies of the lower respiratory tract in Estonian children in 2012-2021

Veronica Rähesoo, Estonia


Childhood poisonings in Tallinn Children's Hospital and children' s clinic of Tartu University Hospital in 2019 – 2021

Birgit Vaher, Elisabeth Tamm, Margit Raud, Triin Ventmann, Alina Roštšinskaja, Roza Oganesjan, Helke Nurm, Inga Vainumäe, Estonia


Suicide attempts among youth in Tallinn Children's Hospital and in children’s clinic of Tartu University Hospital in

2019 – 2021

Helke Nurm,  Birgit Vaher, Elisabeth Tamm, Margit Raud, Triin Ventmann, Alina Roštšinskaja, Roza Oganesjan, Inga Vainumäe, Estonia

13:15-14:15  Closing Remarks and Farewell Lunch